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ProfiFeed Technologies is a subsidiary of ReconEng Industrial Engineering developing and distributing OEM products and cloud-software solutions for circular saw automation and resource planning, home of the famous brands in cutting, ProfiStop® and OptiCut1D®.

ProfiStop and OptiCut1D are a result of many saw automation solutions implemented over the years during which time we realised that, in the 21. Century, most Australian and overseas manufacturers cut the same way as they did at the dawn of circular saws - relaying entirely on manual labour in a process that is dull, inefficient and intensive on both mind and body. We thought there should be simple machines to assist you to cut faster, more accurate, and more productively; as well as simple cloud solutions for handling large amounts of cutting-associated data efficiently. We also thought these tools should not be the domain of big businesses, but small and one-man shops alike.

Ten years later, we think we have the simple solutions to take cutting into the 21. Century.

OEM Products

ProfiFeed® Cutting Line

Set-And-Forget Continuous Cutting

ProfiFeed Cutting Lines are automated high-speed cutting solutions for steel, aluminium, and wood. A material handling OEM solution, suitable to transform any semi-auto saw into a fully autonomous cutting station. Continuous loading, feeding, cutting-to-length, and parts collection. No operator required. Simply input bar stock, and pick up cut parts. The systems are designed to cut any profile shape with little or no mechanical setup and simple to run for the operator. Cut lengths from 25 mm to 8 m. Job list optimization and auto label printing.

OEM Products

ProfiFeed® Drilling Line

From CAD to Finished Piece,
Streamlined Production

ProfiFeed Drilling Line is an automated high-speed pattern drilling solution. Continuous material loading, drilling of any hole pattern on all sides, and finished parts collection, with no operator required. Fully streamlined hole geometry information management from design to completed part. We develop a software solution for your CAD software which extracts the hole data information and inputs into the machine. This results in elimination of human data manipulation and jobbing errors, from CAD to finished piece. Simple to run for the operator, while powerful in getting the drilling jobs done.

OEM Products

ProfiFeed® Fully Automatic Saw

High Value, High Speed Automation

ProfiFeed® Fully Automatic saw has most of the features of the full Cutting Line minus the automatic loading. This results is a more compact automatic cutting solution which retains almost all high-productivity, and intelligent process benefits in a much smaller, high-value package. The FA saw system additionally achieves full ability to cut any profile shape that you can cut on a manual saw (SHS, RHS, round, etc) with no mechanical setup required. Cut lengths 25 to 8000 mm, with 10 mm minimum off-cut length, a World leading performance. Multi system, high-productivity, intelligent, process and software solution.

OEM Products

ProfiFeed® Length Stop

High Value, Low Cost Automation

ProfiStop® is an automated length stop and feeding system suitable for automating simply all repetitive production positioning tasks. In addition to mechanical automation ProfiStop streamlines workflow management in most intuitive way possible from your order to finished parts, using technology to make cumbersome jobbing processes simple. ProfiStop has the most sophisticated positioning system on the market designed for high position accuracy, time after time, even years after new. Mechanically and ergonomically it is also designed as a bolt-on, plug-and-play system, simple to implement even for the most sophisticated automation tasks. High-productivity, intelligent, process and software solution.