Who We Are

ReconEng believe in continuous revitalization of Engineering and Technology in our World. The philosophy of ReconEng is the ability to adapt to the needs and problems while providing consulting and engineering solutions based on knowledge and resources of the World.

We are constantly searching outside the visible, through the range of past present and future technologies to integrate reliable product with affordable price.

Our Mission

ReconEng roots date back to 1988 when it operated as a special purpose machinery development business in Europe. With life and times bringing the founder Momo to Australia, ReconEng began a new life when he quickly recognized there was a distinct lack of affordable automated production applications in the Australian manufacturing.

In the World where ever increasing competition from cheap overseas imports is demanding that more is produced from less, Australian manufacturers, in particular small and medium enterprises, even today are still reliant primarily on more manual labour to increase their production capacity. ReconEng modular applications, combining high-productivity automation with high-level mechanical design, for the first time provide affordable alternatives, changing Australian manufacturing one shop floor at a time.

ReconEng key to success has been bringing together high-level, multi-skill knowledge and technical capabilities within a small, dynamic team of people. Our staff are skilled in many engineering disciplines, in addition to bringing experience from all over the world. A fine blend of seasoned experience combined with energy and enthusiasm of youth.

The break-neck pace of development of electronic and information technologies is constantly changing all parts of manufacturing. Our modus operandi is integration of proven past technologies with the promising future ones, all with the goal to best service your needs. Our greatest virtue - creative thinking, enabling us to provide your business with value-adding engineering solutions, using innovative technical and business ideas.

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