ProfiFeed OEM Drilling Line Launch August 2014

ReconEng is proud to announce the launch of a new ProfiFeed Automatic Drilling Line, OEM machine designed for all-sides pattern drilling of RHS profiles in any hole pattern.

Pattern drilling of RHS and round profiles is a labour intensive process, requiring significant amount of information and if incorrectly drilled, often mistake can not be detected until site delivery resulting in expensive rectification work and project delays. The drilling system designed automates information flow from design to completed part by utilizing an app to extract the hole size / position data from you CAD software and input into the machine automatically, thereby eliminating all possibility of human error. We can provide you with a complete design-to-part drilling solution for SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Inventor or any other CAD system you use.

Continuous bar stock loading, hole-pattern drilling on all sides, and finished parts collection, with no oversight required.

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