New ProfiStop® New Advanced Software May 2016

We are proud to announce the release of the new ProfiStop Advanced software.

This most significant release in the history of our product brings together unprecedented productivity ideas into one simple to use package, including:

  • Home screen job list display
  • Trim cut cuts counting
  • Input stock jobbing
  • E-mail jobs to ProfiStop®
  • Quick change min length (suitable for multi-machine setups)
  • On-Screen Optimisation
  • Remote software encoding
  • And much more.

With completely redesigned interface it is impossible to illustrate in writing the simultaneous simplicity of use and all it does for you. So why not come visit us and learn for yourself?

ReconEng Industrial Engineering

P 1300 776 700

47 Healey Road,
Dandenong South,
VIC 3175, Australia

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