OptiCut-1D™ Cloud-Based Cutting BOM Job and Stock Management Solution Jan 2017

We have been quietly working in 2016 on what may be the most revolutionary product in cutting since the Sam Miller’s Windmill Saw.

OptiCut-1D™ is a cloud-based job and stock management solution that allows you to manage all your design BOMs, cutting jobs and material procurement seamlessly.

Keep all your design BOMs in one place and easily input or change them for production. Group and optimise your cut lists and seamlessly send to your ProfiStop™ machines for production. Sudden change in jobs? No problem! OptiCut-1D™ can automatically retrieve, re-optimise and resend updated cutting lists to ProfiStop®, even if the operator is doing the job. OptiCut-1D™ keeps track of all your material stock as well as can automatically order new stock if you are running low.

Best part is with OptiCut-1D™ you can manage your cutting production from any computer that has internet. Cloud-based software allows you to run your production from any internet browser. Don’t bother with licenses or networking. We maintain, update and upgrade OptiCut-1D™ behind the scenes; you just run your production efficiently.

Contact us to find out more about OptiCut-1D™ and ProfiStop® and how they can save you time and money.
Also visit us at our next Open Day on 16 Feb 2017.

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