NDI 3D Metrology Scanner October 2015

We are proud to announce new addition to our team, an NDI Vicra scanner for metrology scanning, design geometry measurement and reverse engineering.

NDI scanner enables us to rapidly and accurately scan large amounts of CAD geometry data onsite. In addition to giving us the ability to reverse engineer complex geometry, it gives us greatly increased capacity to capture design data onsite in a short space of time; and the cloud file storage enables rapid from-the-site transmission and implementation into CAD with reduced time to prototype and reduced subsequent rework.

We can offer the following metrology services:

  • Scanning to point cloud,
  • Reverse engineering,
  • Scan to CAD model creation,
  • Scan to production drawings / DXF files,
  • Scan to part (3D print, fabricated, cast or machined),
  • Scan quality inspection and comparison to CAD.
  • Scan in production / operational problems diagnosing.

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