Introducing: ProfiStop® Lazer Jan 2017

We are proud to introduce a new member of our family: ProfiStop® Lazer.

ProfiStop® Lazer is a simple and inexpensive stop positioning solution, suitable for transforming your saw into an automated, high-productivity workstation. It is a game-changing product for your shop designed to be as ubiquous and simple as a saw itself while being a fully effective positioning stop.

  • Simple to use | Designed to require minimal  user  inputs for effective saw-station automation.
  • High-accuracy | The most advanced linear positioning control system coming with a lifetime accuracy guarantee.
  • High value-adding | An inexpensive but value-packed length stop solution ready to transform your cutting.

We have released a limited number of pre-launch units for sale and these have all sold out within first week.

Contact us to see ProfiStop® Lazer and learn more about how it can save you time and money. Also come see ProfiStop® Lazer at our 16 Feb 2017 open day coming up soon

Download ProfiStop Lazer PDF Brochure

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